Every year, the demand for artificial grass increases steadily alongside the interest that more and more people are beginning to show. As the alternative to a wholly natural lawn, our artificial product has a whole range of benefits that we suspect many are beginning to become aware of as time passes. It’s easy to see why that interest comes about, of course, you need only read on!

The first and probably the most well-known benefit of artificial grass is that it is incredibly low maintenance, with a great deal of the hassle associated with a natural lawn or garden simply taken out of the picture. You won’t need to water it or feed it to keep it lush and beautiful, and it won’t grow an inch despite you not taking the mower over it. Artificial grass keeps itself as neat as you could ever want it to, and you’ll no doubt be relieved to finally forgo the arduous task of having to pull pesky weeds out of the ground to keep them from overrunning your garden entirely. The most you’ll find yourself doing is giving the artificial surface a good brush or even a quick hoover, just to remove surface residue and keep the grass fluffed up.

It’s more resistant than you might think, of course, and won’t wither to give way to mud when walked on very frequently. This not only acts as a useful quirk for your lawn, but also allows it to act incredibly effectively in a high-use role such as in a city centre park or festival. We’ve manufactured our artificial grass to the highest standard so that it’s become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between it and natural grass; with the wind rustling it gently and the feeling of the blades running through your fingers still there to be experienced. Fortunately for hay fever sufferers, however, we haven’t replicated the negative effects of grass pollination, and so you’ll be able to enjoy your lawn even on those summer days that play havoc with the sinuses.

Great Grass are the largest suppliers of artificial grass in the UK, with a passion for providing the best product and service possible. If you think that the benefits of artificial grass could very well suit you and the garden you’re after, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can find our contact details online, and we’d love to hear from you!