The weather is lovely, it’s warm and it’s the perfect BBQ weather, therefore you want your grass looking better than ever. If you look out to your garden and feel your grass is looking dead with dry patches, you need to consider installing artificial grass for instant aesthetics- artificial grass is effective and looks beneficial all year-round.


One reason you should consider visiting Great Grass for artificial grass installations is due to the little maintenance you will have to do over the summer, and it still looks effective. This summer you will want to focus on spending time with family and friends, when it comes to Saturday afternoon you will want to invite friends round and have a BBQ or drinks in the garden and not worry about having to mow the lawn, or watering it if the grass is dead.


Over the month of July, Great Grass realise it’s the most important time for people to install artificial grass and make the most of their summer enjoying their fresh new garden. Therefore, Great Grass have made an offer of 15% off your installation therefore you must book before the 21st July to receive this offer. Such a great offer, and a perfect way to treat your garden this summer!


Artificial grass is great for children, it is completely safe for children to play on and prevents any stains on their clothes which is another tedious task of trying to get them off. Dogs are fine to play on artificial grass. You don’t need to use any chemicals on artificial grass such as weed killer etc, therefore your dogs are able to play on artificial grass all year, and any faeces is easy to move.

Artificial Grass are very effective artificial grass installers, focusing on giving you the best quality products and price you can’t beat. Artificial grass is perfect for the summer, and enables you to relax and enjoy yourself whilst the weathers nice!