We might be in the middle of July, but it’s fair to say that we’ve been subjected to more than our fair share of rain recently. It seems as though the weather can’t quite seem to make up its mind- one day we’ll be sat in glorious sunshine, and then the next we’ll find ourselves frantically hunting for our umbrellas. The recent spate of bad weather has led many to believe that summer has already been and gone, but we at Great Grass are quietly optimistic.

If you’re the owner of an artificial lawn, then you’re most probably going to be a little concerned as to how the weather is affecting your beautiful grass. With the sun beating down upon it and then the rains relentlessly taking its toll, it’s only natural for you to feel a little worried- which is probably how you found your way to this blog!

So how does the rain affect artificial grass and, more importantly, is there any substance to your concerns? Well, there’s no need to panic, because the team at Great Grass are going to run you through what happens to your artificial turf in the rain:


One of your primary concerns with artificial grass is probably going to be how effective it will be at draining away any excess water. Well, you’ll be delighted to know that our artificial products come complete with fantastic drainage systems, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your lawn turning into a bit of a swamp in wet weather. New technology now allows us to create artificial grasses that are just as effective at draining water as the natural stuff, so you really have nothing to worry about!

No Mud

A huge benefit to artificial grass actually becomes apparent during wetter conditions, because you’ll soon realise that there is a distinct lack of mud. This means you no longer have to worry about your kids going out to play in the garden and tracking all kinds of muck through the house, because artificial grass contains no mud whatsoever!


Homeowners with natural lawns will often find that the rain has made their lawns appear a little sorry for themselves, as they start to look a little deflated and flattened. However, artificial grass maintains its fantastic colour and appearance throughout all weather conditions, meaning that the appearance of your garden won’t be hampered by a bit of rain!

If you’re after the best artificial grass around, then don’t let the rain put you off and contact the dedicated Great Grass team today!