Whether we get sun or rain this summer here in Britain it won’t make a difference to your garden if you have artificial grass. Today is the first day of summer, which, if we didn’t live in the UK, would mean we should expect nothing but glorious sunshine for days on end. However, we do happen to live in the UK which means when we talk about summer, we usually have to put quotation marks around it. Our “summer” usually consists of a few beautiful days of sun here and there that are broken up with rainy days, overcast skies and just general cold temperatures.

Here at Great Grass, we choose to be positive about the situation and we think the fact that we get few, infrequent days of sun throughout summer, makes them that bit more special. You need to truly make the most of the sunshine and there’s nothing worse than waking up on a gloriously sunny, Saturday morning and thinking about having an impromptu BBQ but then realising you need to mow the lawn. Or, realising that it bucketed down yesterday and the lawn is water logged and muddy i.e. not fit for purpose.

Artificial grass takes all this stress away. If you want to have a spur of the moment garden party or BBQ when the sun decides to make an appearance, your garden will be ready and waiting to accommodate you!