We all remember the old school artificial grass we used to play on as kids, you probably referred to it as Astro-Turf – although that was only one particular brand that happened to be popular at the time. What we remember most was the carpet burn-like injuries we used to get whenever we fell over whilst playing!

Artificial Grass

This kind of experience is indicative of early artificial grass surfaces which were exclusively made for commercial purposes such as football pitches and other sporting surfaces, and required a sand infill. However, artificial grass has come a long way since then and dramatic technological advances have allowed us to deliver a much better product of a much higher quality.

Now, our artificial grass products are used for domestic purposes too and are much more natural looking and even better – they feel more natural. We use a mixture of soft fibres in all of our artificial grass ranges to ensure that your new lawn is as comfortable as can be.

The only thing that has stayed the same with artificial grass over the years is the fact that it requires next to no maintenance. No mowing, no weeding and no mess!