Yesterday we were talking about how it was officially the first day of summer, but the skies don’t seem to have got the memo. It’s summer; monsoon type rain and 65mph winds, is not weather that we should be getting in June!

Artificial GrassOne of the worst things about constant rain hammering down is that it makes it almost impossible for you to enjoy your garden. Hours of heavy rain can leave your garden waterlogged, muddy and very unappealing. If you have a dog it’s even worse. It can be difficult for you to keep your pooch away from the mess and soon you’ve got a very wet, very muddy dog that is tracking dirty paw prints through your home. What a nightmare!

Having your garden out of action can be an annoyance but by replacing your natural garden area with an artificial grass lawn can save you all the hassle.

Artificial GrassArtificial grass holds many benefits; one of them being that heavy rain doesn’t affect it. This means that throughout this monsoon season we’ve decided to call June, you can use your garden as you would like and your lawn won’t be water logged. The effective drainage system means water doesn’t collect and because there is no actual soil or dirt there – there won’t be any mud to speak of! So you and Fido can both venture into the garden safely.

Contact us for more information on our artificial grass products. You really will be singing in the rain!