The temperature has definitely dropped hasn’t it! We’re certainly feeling the effects of the 0°C temperatures on the way to work in the morning and the time has most definitely come for colds and overcoats and it’s best to wrap up in scarves, hats and gloves just to brave the weather. The last thing you want to be doing, when your fingers are either aching from the cold or completely numb, is to start tending to the garden. Try holding some shears or operating a lawnmower when it’s a task in itself to get blood to your digits.

But never fear because Great Grass here to give you a festive treat that’ll help you beat the winter blues. For the next four days we are offering 5% off all orders of artificial grass! That’s right; we’re having a winter sale!

There’ll be no need to face the blistering cold trying to tame your unruly garden once your artificial grass is and with a 5% discount of all orders, really there’s no reason not to put your order in today. Think of it as a little Christmas treat to yourself – as well as your poor frozen fingers!

All you have to do to claim your 5% discount is enter the code: 5%-WINTER-SALE at the checkout when purchasing your artificial grass online. And with snow expected across all parts of the UK this winter, it’s a great idea to get your artificial grass installed before then snow starts to fall. And the great thing about artificial grass is after the big freeze is over; your garden will be as good as new!