Okay it’s already here, but we just couldn’t resist throwing in a Game of Thrones reference. But really, the winter season is upon us and not only do you have to make sure your home and care are weather proof, you have to make sure your garden is weather proof too. Fortunately we have a really simple solution for you that can ensure your garden will be completely protected from winter’s icy grip. It’s artificial grass of course!

This Christmas, the best gift you could give your garden, and yourself, is the gift of artificial grass. Thinking about it, our artificial grass would look lovely lining Santa’s sleigh, we could even kit him out with one of our coloured artificial grass products – it would have to be red obviously!

But back to your garden. Why should you opt for our artificial grass instead of keeping your natural lawn this winter? Well there are many reasons, here are just a few:

  • It needs next to no maintenance meaning you won’t freeze your fingers off gardening this winter
  • Neither snow nor ice has a detrimental effect on the grass like it does a natural lawn
  • You won’t get that mushy mud as the snow and ice begins to melt
  • With our prices, there’s no reason not to!

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