(figuratively of course)

We’re always saying that the main benefit of installing artificial grass is that it doesn’t wear out and it seems Parish councillors in the Cotswolds have cottoned on to the idea. Bourton-on-the-Water, a beautifully picturesque village, is to have artificial grass installed as part of its scenery, due to the overwhelming trampling the real grass has to endure. The grass gets worn away and then never has a chance to grow back because of the constant stream of footfall.

Thousands of tourists each year wear the grass thin and, according to the council, the cost of patching up the bare ground to its former greenery is around £1,000 per year. Parish councillors voted unanimously in favour of trialling the artificial grass in the village to see if it will be a cheaper solution in the long run.

We think they’ll never go back once they’ve put down artificial grass and they’ll want to install artificial grass in more areas once they see how natural and long lasting it can be. However, five years ago, amidst a hose pipe ban, the council used silk flowers in the village hanging baskets and that didn’t go down too well with residents forcing them to revert back to real flowers! We’re sure if they used Great Grass’ artificial grass then they wouldn’t even realise it wasn’t real. Let’s see how the residents react…