We’re already well and truly into the depths of December and, if you listen close enough, you might just be able to hear the hint of a sleigh bell in the distance. With the X Factor finally coming to an end and the sounds of Wizzard already wishing it could be Christmas every day, it’s clear that we’re on the cusp of yet another festive period. We need to brace ourselves for a fortnight of manic shopping, arranging decorations and ultimately doing everything we can to ensure that we have a Christmas to remember.

This time of year may also see you beginning to worry about your artificial lawn, which is the last thing you want as you’re bound to already be concerned with organising a busy Christmas. But with the drop in temperature and the inevitably frosty conditions, the well-being of your garden isn’t something that you should ignore.

So how will your artificial lawn cope this Christmas? Well, we’re here at Great Grass to run you through the basics, so that you can sleep a little easier throughout the festive period.

  • First of all, you need to understand that you have a major advantage over those homeowners that have regular grass. This is due to the lack of maintenance that will be involved this Christmas, meaning that you can busy yourself with preparing that delicious dinner instead of worrying about the state of your lawn. Apart from maybe brushing off any debris every now and again, your artificial lawn will require very little attention.
  • For many of us, Christmas day entails a morning of opening presents and then a dinner with the entire family. This means that you have an opportunity to show off your home, and nothing is quite as effective as having a great looking garden in the middle of winter. Artificial grass provides you with a lawn that will be a vibrant green all year-round, meaning that it will look just as good this Christmas as it would in the middle of summer!
  • The Christmas period can bring icy conditions and even a little snow, but you can be assured that your artificial lawn is more than capable of looking after itself. You may find yourself worrying a little about what impact frost will have on the artificial blades, however it is best to just let any frost melt naturally- as attempting to remove it could damage the fibres of your lawn.

Here at Great Grass, we are the best artificial grass installers around, and please get in touch if you want a brand new lawn this Christmas!