Having a pet is great, especially a dog as they’re more than just an animal, they’re a real companion. Dogs bring an immense amount of joy and love to their owner’s life – they’re not called man’s best friend for nothing! But there can be some downsides to owning a dog; take going for a walk as an example. In the summer, it’s great to be outdoors with your canine companion; the sun is shining, the skies are blue and there’s a lovely breeze in the air. But come winter, it becomes a whole different story. If you live in Britain, you can expect freezing temperatures, rain hammering down, icy pavements and of course, dark skies – which can be dangerous if you’re walking alone.

However, Cardiff has come up with the perfect solution: an indoor dog-walking park! Dog-lover Shelley Redding has turned a former steel warehouse into Action Petz park filled with toys, jumps, tunnels, sleep areas and a fly-ball play zone. The indoor park even has artificial grass for dogs, park benches, plants and trees to create a natural environment for dogs to run and play!

Say goodbye to sights like this!

Cardiff is a notoriously wet and windy city, receiving the highest average rainfall of 115cms a year, and hundreds of pet owners have already turned to the indoor centre as an alternative to battling the weather when exercising their pooches. People have the option to pay a fee of £30 a month to use the centre or if they prefer, £4.50 per session.

The centre has an outdoor section for dogs to do their business, but the fact that they have artificial grass for dogs indoors also means if there are any accidents it’s super easy to clean up! Owner Shelley also promises that owners and their dogs won’t get wet at any time and highlights the benefits of a mud free environment!

Dog-owner Penny Thomas, 26, said: “I’ve brought my little Pug here and she loves it. I love staying dry out of the rain too. She gets so wet and muddy this time of the year that it is great for her to stay clean. Yes there are times when you want to get loads of fresh air and run around – but when you have to do walkies every day, sometimes you just want a bit of comfort!”

We love the idea! Here at Great Grass, we’re constantly promoting the benefits of having artificial grass for dogs. Currently, this indoor centre seems to be the only one of its kind, so unless you live in Cardiff, you may have to think of other ways to make the best of the winter weather. Maybe some artificial grass for dogs in your back garden?