We have to admit, here at Great Grass, we’re a fan of those transformation shows that you find on in the afternoon. You know the ones that are either people who have lost a significant amount of weight and gotten healthy or things like 60 minute makeover; where a team of designers and DIY experts have just one hour to completely overhaul a run-down home.

They’re a little bit of a guilty pleasure and the best things about them is the before and after pictures right at the end. They always save them until right at the end for maximum impact and it’s the best way to visualise the work that has been done. It’s great seeing how much of a transformation has taken place. Because we love them so much, we thought we’d share our own before and after pictures of an artificial grass transformation.

Isn’t it amazing what a lick of paint and some artificial grass can do! Have a look at another one of our artificial grass transformations.