We’re taking this blog back to basics and giving it to you straight. Want to know the benefits of artificial grass? Then keep reading.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is so much better than having a regular, natural lawn and the benefits are varied; just like the people that can benefit from artificial grass. Children, parents, the elderly and even pets can benefit from the addition of artificial grass. Take a look at the comprehensive list of benefits below:

  • No mowing, mud or mess
  • No need to water or feed the artificial grass
  • Come rain or shine you have a perfect lawn all year round
  • Less bugs and pests in your garden
  • Hay fever sufferers can see a slight improvement in symptoms
  • More cost effective when you factor in maintenance costs of a natural lawn
  • Low maintenance garden option
  • Easy to manage for less mobile individuals and for people who suffer from things like arthritis
  • Extremely hard wearing: UV resistant, water resistant, flame retardant and colour fast
  • Pet and child friendly!

There you have it! Some basic reasons why it would make sense to switch from your natural lawn to an artificial grass lawn.