When the sun is high in the sky and the clouds have seemingly disappeared, there are always two absolute certainties: firstly, we’ll all rush to dig out our flimsy sunglasses once again and, secondly, the vast majority of us will waste little time in getting down to the local beer garden. There are very few places better to relax in or to enjoy the warm weather, and so owning a great-looking beer garden is a great way of getting punters through the door.

Think about it this way, if the sun is out and people know that your pub has the best beer garden around, you’ll soon find that you’re attracting customers from all over the place! Utilising artificial grass is a key part of any beer garden design, as it provides a range of benefits that will ensure that you have the best looking outdoor space around.

But what makes artificial grass so good? Well, we’re here at Great Grass to show you how you can use it to really bring your beer garden to life:

  • As a pub owner, the chances are that you probably have enough on your plate with serving customers, wiping down tables and, well, generally running a business as a whole. This means that it’s completely understandable if you can’t think of anything worse than having to constantly maintain and care for the grass in your beer garden. Well, artificial grass entails minimal maintenance, meaning that you can spend your time more productively as you won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn or doing any weeding.
  • One of the biggest benefits of using artificial grass in your beer garden is the fact that it will make the whole area look much more aesthetically pleasing. There’s no chance of the grass looking neglected or overgrown, meaning that you’re guaranteed to provide your customers with a pleasant area to drink in all year-round! A dash of greenery goes a long way in bringing an outdoor space to life, and so it’s essential for any pub owners wanting to create the best beer garden around.
  • Due to the high volumes of people that are bound to visit your pub, it’s likely that normal grass would show clear wear and tear after a while. As the weather gets gloomier and wetter, this means that you run the risk of mud being spread all over the inside (and outside) of your pub. This will obviously make the entire place an unpleasant place to be, and so it’s a good thing that artificial grass will involve no mud whatsoever!

Here at Great Grass, we are the leading artificial grass installers in the UK, and we should be your number one choice if you want a beer garden to be proud of!