In recent decades, artificial grass has grown in popularity to the point where it is now as common in back gardens and sports pitches as natural grass. Commercial artificial grass suppliers the world over have been witnessing a steady increase in demand for this material, and it seems likely that over the next few years, it will replace natural grass entirely as a cover for sports fields and domestic outdoor areas. Below are three of the main traits which make this material so popular among home-owners and recreational venue managers alike.


Perhaps the main aspect causing artificial grass suppliers to shift so many units each month is the minimal degree of maintenance this material requires. Unlike natural grass, which requires constant attention in order to ensure it retains its verdant and attractive aspect, commercial artificial grass requires only a minimal amount of care once it has been laid down and assembled. This has significantly helped the material’s popularity among certain demographics, and is one of the main factors behind this material’s widespread use as the surface for sports pitches.


Another area in which turf holds an advantage over natural grass is the number of uses it can be put to. Lining sports pitches or back gardens are arguably the most popular, but commercial artificial grasscan also be used for as cover for play areas for children, or to simulate grassy areas in mini-golf courses, eating areas in nature parks, or other such areas.


Another aspect playing in favour of commercial artificial grassin its ‘battle’ with its natural counterpart is sturdiness. It is much harder to damage turf than natural grass, explaining its popularity as a surface cover for sports pitches.

These are only some of the main reasons why artificial grass is progressively outdoing natural grass as a covering material for outdoor areas, however, though they’re certainly why artificial grass supplierslike Great Grass continue to experience such demand for it. Make sure you don’t miss out, and get in contact as soon as you can!