A verdant lawn is a perennial favourite when it comes to settings for outdoor events. But what if, instead of natural grass, the material chosen was commercial artificial grass? The concept may seem like a recipe for disaster, but it is, in fact, anything but. There are any number of reasons why turf is a perfect floor lining for event venues; the lines below list only a few.


Sturdiness is the main reason why turf should be more considered when looking for a material to line event premises. Artificial grass suppliers mention the durability of the material as one of its main selling points, and it is in fact very hard to extensively damage turf. This characteristic often makes it the material of choice for intensively stepped-on areas, such as dog runs or children’s playgrounds, and should warrant it a look-in when it comes to event grounds as well.


Related to, but not the same as, sturdiness. Commercial artificial grassis extremely durable, and owners of heavily-rented event areas might be able to save some money by going for this material over natural grass, or other easily damageable synthetic materials. Turf carpets can last for a long time, doing away with the need to replace them on a consistent basis, and thus helping owners save up on maintenance costs.

Easy Maintenance

The low cost and effort of maintaining turf, another strong selling point usually emphasised by artificialgrass suppliers, also makes it perfect for events. As mentioned above, this material is hard to damage, and even if it does become damaged, it is usually fairly easy to replace or re-install, if necessary.

The points stated above make a strong case for commercial artificial grass as a strong alternative to traditional grass or other materials when it comes to lining event venues, so don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can.