The weather is definitely not being kind to us recently, and it’s certainly not at all looking like it’s spring, so we couldn’t blame you if you were praying for the day that summer finally arrives once again. The team here at Great Grass is definitely ready for the sunshine, so it makes sense that we’re looking for ways to make it feel like summer’s here – even if it’s not. We might just have found the answer, too, though it’s more accurate to say that we’ve created it…

We’re talking about artificial grass, of course! Specifically, our 30mm Natural Summer artificial grass, which while it won’t be able to transform the weather for the better, we can at least guarantee that your garden will look just like summer has arrived. With a mix of lush green blades and an evergreen, low maintenance aesthetic that you’ll never have to worry about maintaining, you really will feel as if summer’s arrived ahead of schedule every time you open your curtains and take a look out over your garden in the morning.

You’ll have a hard time telling our artificial grass apart from the real thing, both in the way it looks and feels, with one of our longest and lushest pile heights working to create the ultimate natural appearance despite featuring all of the hard wearing, zero maintenance qualities that artificial grass is known for.

We’ll even be able to supply you with your very own free sample pack to allow you to see first-hand just how incredible our artificial grass both looks and feels, with a highly authentic and high quality range of design features guaranteeing you’ll be getting nothing but the best no matter what product you eventually go for. All you have to do is pick up the phone or drop us an email; it couldn’t be easier!

If you’re like us and you just can’t wait for the summer to roll around once again, why not look into investing in something special from our stock of artificial grass today? Our 30mm Natural Summer artificial grass is the perfect purchase in that regard, so don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can. Our team is always waiting to help your garden shine no matter what the season.