We don’t know if you caught it yesterday, but there was actually a brief moment, a couple of hours actually, when the weather wasn’t actually horrific! Unbelievably, we had a lovely blue sky and some sun. Now, we’re not saying it was really hot or anything, but it made us want to get outside and enjoy the pleasant weather. It seems promising that the weather is on the turn! In fact, British Summer Time starts in just over a month!

After months of being cooped up indoors, it’s a heart-warming thought that soon we’ll all be able to enjoy being outside again. It will be staying lighter for longer in the evenings, which is one thing we expect everyone to be looking forward to. But one thing you mustn’t forget is to get the garden ready! It may seem like an ordeal after some neglect during the winter, but we have two words for you: artificial grass.

Artificial grass is great and if you invest now, your lawn will be ready in time for when British Summer Time begins. With artificial grass, you’ll be able to really make use of the extra daylight in the evenings, whether it’s playing outside with the kids, having BBQs or just having a nice, chilled out evening outside with a glass of wine.

The brilliant thing about artificial grass is, it is hardly distinguishable between natural grass but has none of the pesky maintenance that takes up your precious time. We don’t get a lot of usable daylight here in the UK so we need to make the most of it!

Contact us today to find out more information on artificial grass, and to get your lawn ready for when the clocks go forward!