Sometimes in life you just have to throw caution to the wind and treat yourself to the very best. Whether it’s getting the premium brand from the supermarket, the superior wine or those shoes that cost a little bit extra, indulging every now and then is good for the soul. Well, here at Great Grass we’ve got a little bit of premium indulgence for you that will last a lifetime (well, almost!).

Our Great Grass 25mm Premium artificial grass comes with our exclusive & innovative ‘Clever Yarn’ stitch technology. Our premium artificial grass is one of our latest additions to the product range. ‘Clever Yarn’ is pretty amazing and is our revolutionary method of stitching the artificial grass strands into the latex backing. It’s all in the stitch!

The strands of the artificial grass are stitched in a ‘W’ pattern which ensures your artificial grass always looks thick and lush. It also means that it easily springs back into formation after being flattered which obviously helps to keep it looking amazing for longer! One of the benefits of having this premium artificial grass is that it actually requires less brushing than other ranges we have – we know, you didn’t think our artificial grass could get any lower in maintenance!

Our premium artificial grass broken down:

  • Appearance is identical to a healthy natural lawn
  • Ideal for gardens, schools & commercial use
  • Easy to install DIY
  • 10 year surface wear guarantee
  • £ 21.99 per m²

Here are two examples of recent installations of our premium artificial grass:


Looks amazing right? To get your hands on our premium artificial grass get in touch with us now!