If you’re a hay fever sufferer like me, you’ll understand the dread and frustration that the warmer months bring. Whilst others are out shopping for summer clothes and looking forward to days spent in beer gardens, sipping on some Pimms, we’re stockpiling tissues, anti-histamines and praying for a low pollen count so we can actually venture outside.

To non-hay fever sufferers it may seem trivial but if you’ve never experienced the horror of puffy eyes, a streaming nose and twelve sneezes in a row, simply from stepping outside, then you can’t have an opinion on the matter. Anti-histamines can make you drowsy too which means you often spend the majority of the summer in a sleepy daze. It really is tough for hay fever sufferers and I’ve actually read advice stating that on high pollen days hay fever sufferers should “close windows and doors and stay inside.” Really?

The worse thing about it is that you can’t even find comfort in your own back garden if you have grass, as around 95% of hay fever sufferers are allergic to grass pollen. But have you thought about getting artificial grass? No grass in your back garden means no grass pollen, which could mean a let up on your hay fever systems.

Having artificial grass in your back garden won’t stop grass pollen blowing over from other areas of course, but by getting rid of your grass could go a long way in helping you with your hay fever. And you can finally have a little safe haven of your own to enjoy the warm weather, even if you can’t venture much further afield!

Say goodbye to being cooped up in your home this summer with some of your own artificial grass.