Artificial Grass

Everyone loves a bargain! But you better hurry as we only have 5 days left of our 10% early season artificial grass sale. All you have to do is enter “early10” at the checkout to receive 10% off any order. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to do it over the phone that’s fine too! We took a screen grab of our countdown clock and when we started typing there was exactly 5 days, 12 hours, 13 minutes and 5 seconds left of the sale – but that clock is ticking down!

If you’ve been thinking about getting artificial grass for your garden, then now is the time to act. Our artificial grass is already at unbeatable prices, but we thought why not sweeten the deal a little bit more? It’s not long after the start of the year and we understand this is the time when people tend to have less money to spare, so why not make our artificial grass even more affordable?

There are any number of reasons for people wanting to switch their natural lawn to an artificial grass one; for their pets, their children or for maintenance reasons, why not add a bargain onto that list of reasons too?

To take advantage of our artificial grass sale, place your order now!