The thought of installing artificial grass yourself might fill with you dread, but it’s been designed to be as easy as possible to install. Even the most DIY-shy people can have a go, without shelling out for a professional installer. You may need the help of a landscaper to prep your surface before you put down the artificial grass, but if you follow our handy installation guide then you should have no trouble doing it yourself!

We recommend you follow our comprehensive installation guide to get your artificial grass fitted correctly, but we thought we’d just quickly take you through an overview of the steps you need to take to install your artificial grass lawn.

Before you install your artificial grass lawn, you need to pick which kind of artificial grass is best suited to your requirements. We have an extensive range here at Great Grass and our team will be more than happy to discuss which type of artificial grass you’ll need. You also need to measure up your garden. Once you’ve done that and your order has arrived, you’re all set!

If you’re laying your artificial grass over a hard surface such as concrete, all you need to do is:

  1. Clean and smooth out the surface
  2. Lay your grass rolls and fix with adhesive tape
  3. Get a stuff brush and get the pile to stand

If you’re laying your artificial grass over a natural lawn, you need to:

  1. Remove the top layer of turf and dig down to 40mm and put in your perimeter pins
  2. Spread, level and compact your surface using grit sand
  3. Lay down your weed barrier
  4. Using wooden/decking screws fix your artificial lawn over and in place
  5. Get a stiff brush and get the pile to stand

See, artificial grass isn’t as difficult to install as you thought! Don’t worry though, if for any reason you aren’t able to install your artificial grass yourself, we now offer a complete installation service and you don’t have to pay an independent contractor!