If you have a child, a garden can be a great resource. It can be a source of joy for you and your child as it provides a dedicated area for fun and games. However, it can take a great deal of work to keep your garden suitable, and safe, for your child to play in. That’s why installing an artificial grass lawn in your garden can be the best option for you and your child.

Living in the UK, we often don’t get the best of the weather and it can be extremely unpredictable. This means quality time in your garden can be compromised. Rain and showers can cause water logging and muddy patches which aren’t suitable for children to play in, whereas scorching sun (hey, it happens in the UK sometimes) can cause bare patches in your garden; these can be dangerous and can cause injuries when playing.

With an artificial grass lawn you can ensure you have an outdoor space for everyone to enjoy, whatever the weather. Artificial grass isn’t affected by the elements, which means you can say goodbye to water logged gardens and scruffy, bare patches! In effect, you’re creating a safe environment for your child to play in all year round.

The other major benefit of replacing your natural lawn with an artificial grass one is that you do away with hours of annoying maintenance. A natural lawn needs near constant care and attention; there’s the dreaded mowing, fertilisers to keep it looking lush, weeding, pruning – the list goes on. Artificial grass only needs a quick brush every couple of weeks to keep it looking fantastic.

If you have the space, every child should have the opportunity to play outside in a safe and private environment. Ensure you’ve got yours by investing in some artificial grass!