If you think that your pet won’t enjoy artificial grass as much as a natural lawn then fortunately, you’ve been misinformed. We say fortunately because once you know the truth, you can replace your garden with artificial grass without a worry in sight!

There is this common misconception that animals, especially dogs, dislike the feel, smell or look of an artificial lawn but it’s simply not true. Dogs and other animals take to artificial grass like a duck takes to water. Your dog will feel right at home on your new artificial grass lawn and will enjoy it just as much as your old natural lawn.

But the benefits of having artificial grass for dogs don’t just stop with your pet. You can see the advantages of having an artificial grass lawn too. Unlike a natural lawn, fake grass is extremely easy to maintain; there’s no need to water, mow, weed or use chemicals on your lawn which means it will be available for you and your pet to enjoy for longer.

Unlike natural grass a fake lawn isn’t susceptible to the elements, which means it won’t freeze over even on the frostiest of days, and your pet can enjoy being outside whatever the weather. This of course means that you don’t have to keep them cooped up inside, saving both you and them a headache!

One of the most disruptive things about having a pet is the mess that they make. Crucially, artificial grass for dogs doesn’t create any mud in the rain and is permeable, meaning any toilet habits can be easily removed and urine just easily drains away. This means you won’t see any muddy paw prints in your home or in your garden, either.

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