Most people associate allergies with the spring months. After all, once the bees start appearing and pollinating the plants, it’s only a matter of time before those people with hay fever begin sneezing like there is no tomorrow. Despite this, allergens can strike during autumn too and not many people know that a plant known as Ragweed is the number one cause. Not only can this mean you have a miserable spring, it means that the allergens could be back for round two in autumn. Read on to find out how artificial grass can help…

What is Ragweed?

As a flowering plant, the ragweed is often found in tropical areas like North America however in recent years some species have been introduced to other areas of the world, causing havoc when it comes to autumn time. The pollen that is produced by ragweed is notorious for causing allergic reactions or hay fever like symptoms. In fact, since the plants has become known as an invasive species, you could have some in your backyard right now!

How can Artificial Grass Help?

Of course, the installation of an artificial turf will not make your allergy problems magically disappear however it can allow you the freedom to go into your own backyard without facing the wrath of the allergens. It does this by removes the ideal living environment that plants such as ragweed require in order to survive. Plus, if a spore just so happens to float into your yard, you can simply wash down the turf to remove it, reducing the amount of pollen that is able to enter and make your autumn a living hell!

Here at Great Grass, we are the most experienced team available when it comes to artificial grass and you’d be crazy to go anywhere else. Whether you’re looking to reduce the autumn sniffle or drastically improve the aesthetic value of the exterior of you home, you’re in the right place! For more information, get in contact today!