When it comes to the environment scientists have warned us that changing our habits and lifestyle is a now or never kind of situation. In fact, we are causing so much damage to our planet that several species are expected to become extinct over the next 50 years and our power supply pumps staggering amounts of toxic chemicals in our atmosphere. One of the most important yet quite simple to fix problems however is the landfills that dominate the face of the earth.

From old sofas to broken TV sets; the population of the planet make little effort to reduce, reuse and recycle. Here at Great Grass we want to tackle one of our industry’s main drawbacks once and for all and in this blog we are going to tell you everything you need to know about recycling an old turf…


Once upon a time we discovered that we could create an artificial turf that somewhat resembled the characteristics of a real lawn however back in the 60’s very few people seemed to care about recycling materials. This meant that a lawn that surpassed it’s used by date often ended up in a landfill despite the materials being completely recyclable. Luckily this has all changed! In fact, there are now a range of different companies that specialise in the disposal and recycling of an artificial turf.

Life Expectancy

When well cared for it is not uncommon to find that an artificial turf can last quite a long time. In fact, the best life expectancy known is 10-15 years. After this time frame however, one may find that the turf becomes a little worse for wear. Thankfully you no longer have to feel guilty about replacing your turf over these lifetimes because you can put it towards a good cause.

New Innovations

We have now invented the technology that allows us to rejuvenate sanitise and refill an old turf and whilst it will not look completely brand new you can expect to get an extra five years out of your turf before kicking it to the curb. Of course, there are recycling alternatives if you want the aesthetic of a brand-new lawn once again. For example, some old turfs can be reused on game areas that are relatively small in size. Plus, most contractors within the disposal of artificial grass take good care to ensure that as much of the turf can be reused as possible. From brand new polymeric produce and livestock walkways, there are many different ways you can re supply your old turf for a new use.

Here at Great Grass we recognise how important it is to ensure that we are all contributing to the fight to keep our planet sustainably healthy and one vital aspect to tackle is the way that industry causes damage. We are proud to tell our customers that the artificial grass industry has jumped aboard the green bandwagon and thanks to recycling technology we are now able to make use of your old turf! To find out more information, speak to a member of the team today!