You probably know quite a few of the good points of artificial grass so far, but do you know how flexible it can be? Our 20mm Natural Spring artificial grass is the perfect product to demonstrate that versatility, with a short pile height design suiting a wide range of areas and applications. It’s manufactured to look and feel exactly like a freshly cut and neatly maintained lawn, featuring a range of green hues, tones and shades to make it hard to tell the difference between the real thing and our artificial alternative. A thick and innovative thatch pattern throughout the weave brings the natural look to perfection, and we can guarantee that the final result is quite convincing indeed!

With short blades, our 20mm Natural Spring artificial grass is ideal for placement in gardens, providing a clean and evergreen surface for you to enjoy all year round. It’s also commonly used in schools, able to create a fantastic, soft and safe field on which kids of all ages can enjoy themselves! That isn’t the end of its use, however, as it features a huge range of unique benefits and qualities which make it the ideal thing for show exhibitions and trade fairs alike.
Couple that with low maintenance, a host of impressive resistances, a whopping ten year guarantee and a free draining system, and you have yourself a winning combination! Give us a ring, and let’s sort you out with a top quality artificial grass product today!


We here at Great Grass are the number one suppliers of commercial artificial grass in the UK, specialising in providing a range of top quality products at brilliantly cheap prices. That doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on a thing, of course, but you only have to invest or order yourself a free sample to find that out for yourself! If you’ve been looking for artificial grass which can stay green all year round and will never let you down, make sure you get in contact as soon as possible.