Act now; you need not suffer with a garden eyesore until summer & you can even make life easier when the warmer weather does return, with our easy autumn garden to do list.

Let’s face it; nobody likes the idea of gardening in the wet & colder months. However, doing a little could ensure your garden looks great throughout autumn & winter; you can also give your garden the very best start come springtime. To ensure your outside; in the rain as little as possible we have put together an essential autumn/winter preparation to-do list and removed the unnecessary tasks to save time. (Cover Image: ©Momiji Kouen |

1)  Turn over your flowerbeds & soil

Turned over soil
© Martin Monroe |


Turning your soil flowerbeds & soil is probably one of the easiest things you can do and it will provide great returns in the spring and summer months. By breaking up hard, compacted and usually bare areas with a garden fork or trowel, you aerate the ground and allow more water to enter the base. You will also be in the good books with your local precious birds as they will be able to take advantage of the pests that rise to the surface.

2) Replace that bare muddy lawn with maintenance free artificial grass from Great Grass

Bald Patched Lawn
© David Muir |


We all know that like hibernating bears your grass likes to become dormant in the winter months. This is fine if you have had a good year with the weather; however, in England this is often not the case. Flooded lawns can often become bear and in the winter months due to the dormancy of the grass there is not much you can do until the following year to encourage an often-poor attempt at recovery.

There is a solution! We offer a wide range of artificial grass products for gardens, which you can lay all throughout the year. They require little maintenance and with No Mud, No Mowing and No Mess all year round it’s a win win! We have Wembley coloured artificial lawns to offer or just a natural looking artificial grass so the neighbours will not know.  They can instantly transform a garden, see our gallery!

Summer 30mm Artificial Grass Customer Photo
Nicola & Steve’s Great Grass Garden Lawn – Natural Summer 30mm Artificial Grass – (Customer Photo)


3) The garden path and driveways

A lovely garden path
© Wildroof |


It is often easy to overlook or forget but its one thing that can make a big difference to the appearance of a home or a garden. Simply grab a garden brush and get sweeping that moss and debris away. Possibly treat with some weed killer and if you are feeling brave why not attempt to tame the beast that is the pressure washer.

4) Did you prepare your decking for the winter months?

rotted slippery decking

We all dislike cleaning and restraining our decking but it is important that we do so otherwise mould and mildew will grab a hold quickly and can become very slippery and dangerous. If you act quickly, there is still time to prepare. If you cannot fully stain the decking, why not give it just one coat until the spring months, by applying one coat on a dry day in autumn you will at least protect the decking from rot. If the worst has already come of your decked area, why not lay artificial grass over the top of the existing decking to provide a better appealing area to look at and a safer surface to walk on.

5) Provide feed & water to our wild animals and birds

© Ben K Adams |
© Ben K Adams |

The winter months can be a tough time for all of us; including our garden animals and pets. Why not provide them with a helping hand and leave feed trays and water to hang in the trees or suspended from a wall.