Dangerous when wet, a nightmare to clean and maintain. A cheap effective solution is to cover the surface with artificial grass.

The garden is now an extension of the home

Britain has the smallest homes in Europe, a newly built one bedroom flat has an average size of just 46 square meters and unfortunately, it seems there set to become even smaller according to RIBA unless there is intervention. Understandably, homeowners are taking advantage of any space they can to improve their quality of lives and as such the garden has become an extension of the home.

The rise & decline of garden decking

Google searchs | Garden Decking

UK Google search interest over time of “Garden Decking”

Around 2004 until around 2007, there was a large uptake of homeowners installing garden decking areas. These decked areas promised an attractive and low maintenance area to any garden, creating areas of a home that could be used throughout the year (maybe with a patio heater in the colder months).

Garden Decking

A great looking garden decking, for now at least…

Dangerous Decking

However, many homeowners overlooked the yearly maintenance required for garden decking to ensure it looked great and remained safe throughout the year and many decked areas soon fell into disrepair. There was also an increase in decking related accidents due to the wet slippery surface. Interest in decking has gradually dropped off in part due to the hazards posed.

A solution to wet slippery decking from Great Grass

Many of our customers have made the mistake of installing a decked garden area that has deteriorated over time and have come to Great Grass for an artificial grass solution for a dirty, dangerous decked area. Simply purchase the size of your decked area and place and screw into place. It is that simple.

Damaged Decking Area

A dated & slippery decked area before Great Grass

Decked area covered with Great Grass

A revitalised decked area with a touch of Great Grass Artificial Grass