Ah, the British summer. We’ve all been treated to more than our fair share of sunshine throughout the month of May, and many of us were getting ready for more of the same throughout the rest of the summer. Sadly, and fairly inevitably, the weather has had other ideas, as the heavens have seemingly opened up above us and the rain just doesn’t seem to be stopping.

Thankfully, our team at Great Grass are able to work in all kinds of weather conditions, so you shouldn’t be put off of an artificial lawn simply because the weather has turned a little sour. In fact, now is probably the best time to get your garden sorted, so that the lawn is ready in time for when the truly hot weather finally hits us!

But what’s so great about artificial grass and why do people seem to love it so much? We’re going to run you through it:

  • One of the biggest reasons so many people love artificial grass is due to the fact that it looks so good. When it comes to designing your dream outdoor space, the appearance of your grass is going to be one of your top priorities, and the lush greens and realistic textures involved with the fake stuff these days really is incredible. Without suffering in the bad weather, artificial grass keeps its fantastic appearance all year!
  • For many homeowners out there, the thought of wasting a hot sunny day mowing the lawn and pulling up some weeds is the worst thing on the planet. The fact that artificial grass requires almost no maintenance whatsoever is a big reason it’s so popular- and this popularity will certainly continue to grow in the future.
  • What you really need to take away from this blog is that artificial grass is so well-loved because it’s just so much more convenient than owning a natural lawn. Due to advances to technology and processes within the industry, this convenience in no way hampers the appearance or feel of the grass itself. With so many of us leading busy lifestyles in 2017, artificial grass is ideal for those short on time that also dream of owning a fantastic garden.

Great Grass are the leading artificial grass installers in the UK, and so get in touch with us today for any further information!