What could be better than artificial grass? It is low maintenance, very versatile and remains green all year-round! In fact, it’s safe to say that artificial turf has been very gradually increasing in popularity over the last decade. In this blog, we’re going to discuss all aspects of landscaping when it comes to artificial grass. After all, its ability to adapt is one of its starring characteristics…

  • Those with a classy loft apartment or terrace area have the ideal place for artificial grass as it offers the opportunity to swap out hot external concrete flooring in favour of a modern patch of realistic looking grass. Not only does it offer the opportunity to brighten up your outdoor area, but it will also look amazing!


  • Pavers are the main culprits for unsightly edges and offer the perfect environment for weeds to make an appearance. If you are looking for perfectly groomed edges around your pavers, artificial grass is the solution! Simply lay the concrete screed, allow it to dry, add the pavers, ensure that the cement dries around them and finally cut the artificial turf to size and secure it.


  • Large trees are problematic when it comes to sharing sunlight as they want it all themselves and the grass directly underneath ends up wilting away due to lack of exposure. In their wake, brown patches remain however applying artificial grass over trees creates a perfect landscape and those patches become a thing of the past!

Artificial grass could be the one thing that your landscape has been missing! For more information, contact a member of the Great Grass team today!