Artificial grass is becoming more and more popular around different industries in Britain, and has started to be used throughout big events around the UK whether that be corporate, a wedding or even an exhibition. Event managers believe that using artificial grass gives the event a more modern feel, and adds to the overall aesthetics of the event in order to look appealing to the guests/client. Most event managers are asked to use artificial grass for practicality reasons also, and here are the reasons why…

Artificial grass can handle a large amount of people standing on it at one time, it’s the most durable floor material and won’t lose aesthetics due to lots of walking over it. Due to its soft texture, it stands out from many other materials to guests, and therefore is why it is so successful at parties and events around the UK.

Artificial grass is easy to remove from the event once it’s finished, then it can be used again and again and people in the trade see buying artificial grass as an investment as it can be repeatedly used therefore its good value for money.

If the event you are hosting is for outdoor pieces, then artificial grass is beneficial to clients as they can visual how their garden would look if wanting to purchase the outdoor furniture which is on offer, artificial grass works in your benefit and is more likely clients/customer are likely to buy the product due to artificial grass being so aesthetically pleasing.

For events that carry on for days, artificial grass is insect repellent and therefore doesn’t attract and insects or moles. Meaning the overall aesthetic of your grass won’t be damaged and will last the whole event, however long it is.

Artificial grass is very fresh and vibrant and can attract more customers, Great Grass are excellent Artificial Grass Installers, and are able to help at events and will always consider your requirements first!