Sometimes it is easier to admit that we aren’t informed enough on a particular topic to provide a reasonable response to a question or an opinion and artificial grass is no exception. After all, there are a variety of mistakes that first time artificial grass owners will make constantly, but refuse to admit that they are doing so. Keeping up these common mistakes can damage your lawn in the long term which is why the team here at Great Grass are here to help you rectify your mistakes…

  • There is a common misconception that artificial grass is not suitable for pets, in particular dogs however the people who tell you that you can’t have an artificial turf because of this are incredibly wrong. In fact, having artificial turf with a dog is actually much easier than having natural grass because the artificial variety is much easier to clean up. Plus, artificial grass is nontoxic and will not fade when your four legged friend answers natures call!
  • Lying artificial grass down is a task that should only be completed by professionals as they know the correct layers that should be carried out before the turf itself is placed down. People who try to save money by installing artificial grass themselves will miss out on the integral draining aggregate base and infill of sand and lay it directly over the soil. Over time, this will cause the artificial grass to become hard, brittle and muddy. Professionals are experienced and informed on the correct way to lay your turf so it is always recommended to hire one.

Now you know the common mistakes that many homeowners will make with artificial grass, you are ready to get your very own turf! After all, you know exactly what to do and what not to do. For more information about how to take care of your lawn, get in contact with a member of the Great Grass team today!