Even though it doesn’t feel much like summer, we have hit July and summer is upon us. Summer is a time where you enjoy relaxing in the garden, and having friends round for a BBQ and enjoying the lovely weather. Summer is the season of relaxing, and it’s unusual to have such sunny weather so you must make the most of it.

Great Grass have decided to celebrate summer approaching by offering 15% off Artificial Grass Installations throughout July in Manchester, for you to enjoy summer to its highest potential!

Artificial grass is perfect for summer, due to the little maintenance it requires, there is no mowing or tedious watering, whilst installing artificial grass is maintenance free and its appearance won’t deteriorate throughout the hot sunshine. Therefore, you will be more relaxed when inviting people round as artificial grass adds to the appearance of your garden. Artificial grass also eliminates all stains, therefore there is no worry of having to try and scrub the grass stains out of your child’s favourite white top, as all these jobs are reduced and make your life easier.

Artificial grass is becoming a lot more popular with more and more people deciding to purchase it, it’s an effective alternative to real grass and people are surprised how aesthetically pleasing artificial grass is when it’s installed. It works well with any landscape and whether you have a small or a big garden it makes your garden look more modern and contemporary.

Summer is the perfect time to install artificial grass, for you to enjoy your garden to the fullest knowing it is completely child and pet-friendly. Even though it is summer, there are still a few occasional showers, as we do live in Britain however that’s not a worry as artificial grass has been specifically designed to drain water, even quicker than real grass.

Great Grass are superb artificial grass installers, with an incredible discount it is the perfect time to install your artificial grass. They are attentive and able to answer any questions you are unsure of, as they want to be completely happy with your garden!