Choosing artificial grass sometimes isn’t a simple decision to make because we aren’t only taking ourselves into consideration. In fact, most of the population have other commitments that must factor into their choices, which can make shopping around for the best artificial grass difficult. From children to pets, the team here at Great Grass are ready to educate you on why artificial turf is a safe option. In this blog, we’re going to focus on the kids…

  • The development of artificial grass has come a long way and it is now as soft as it has ever been. Although it is created from synthetic fibres, the grass is never sharp and any falls from young children land them on a spongy soft base just like it would with natural grass.
  • Children are adventurous and they like to investigate everything they possibly can. Unfortunately, this also means they like to put things in their mouth that they probably shouldn’t – including grass! Luckily, most artificial grass companies supply modern day turf that is completely harmless and nontoxic if your child was to go a step too far in their investigations. Always check with your retailer beforehand to make sure.
  • Accidents happen when children are outside playing and it is very common for falls to occur in the rain. In fact, you might think that artificial grass is dangerous in the rain due to its synthetic qualities however it is in fact slip proof, which is excellent for when the pool comes out during summer!

Now you know that artificial grass is a safe and no toxic choice for your garden, it’s time to get in contact with the experts here at Great Grass. No problem is too small and the team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have!