Summer brings out the best in the world, glorious sunshine, wonderful flowers, BBQ’s and in Manchester’s Northern Quarter a brand spanking new outdoor space made from artificial grass! Here at Great Grass, we’ve helped create a lovely new artificial grass garden space for eating and drinking and just general merriment, on the corner of Tib Street and Thomas Street, that is proving to be very popular.

There’s nothing better than finishing work on a Friday afternoon, after a long, hard week and heading over to a beer garden to enjoy some food, drinks and music in the sunshine with your friends. And we’re so happy that we’ve been able to create this beautiful space in Manchester city centre by providing our artificial grass!

Artificial grass is for more than just lawns or golfing greens; you can create little pop up venues like this one in Manchester in a blink of an eye! A lot of venues, bars and pubs that don’t have beer gardens are opting to install an outdoor section with the help of artificial grass to allow their customers the enjoyment of the sun this summer.

And you can even create one in your garden if you want. Installing an artificial grass area is one of the best ways to enjoy the sun this summer and you’ll definitely be party central! Get in touch with us today to discuss your artificial grass requirements.