Beat the January blues by taking control of your home and revamping your garden. It’s around this time of year that your front or back garden can start to look a bit tatty and run down. So why not spruce it up with the help of Great Grass?

Here at Great Grass, we specialise in quality artificial grass for both homeowners and commercial properties. If you’ve never considered artificial grass for your home, we’re here to explain why it’s such a fantastic idea.

As leading suppliers of artificial grass, we know everything there is to know about artificial grass and we’d like to run through some of the benefits to installing artificial grass in your home. And there will be some we guarantee you won’t have even considered!

The obvious advantage to having artificial grass is there’s much less upkeep and maintenance involved compared to natural grass. In fact, once the artificial grass is installed and you’ve brushed it for a few days, there’s nothing more you need to do to keep it looking great; no mowing, no weeding, no watering and no chemicals are needed.

If you have pets, artificial grass is an excellent idea as unlike a natural lawn, pets such as dogs can’t tear up your garden and leave it looking worse for wear. When it rains, there will be no muddy paw prints that you have to worry about, as there’s no mud to be created! And contrary to popular belief, dogs really can’t tell the difference between our artificial grass for dogs and natural grass – they’ll love it just the same!

And last but not least, there’s the environment to think of. Having artificial grass means you won’t be using a lawnmower, which, if you have a petrol based one, can pump out all kinds of toxins into the air. There will also be less chemicals and pesticides in the atmosphere and surrounding greenery because with artificial grass, there’s no need to use them.

There are so many more benefits to installing artificial grass but if we listed them all the blog would be pages long! Instead, contact one of our team today to discuss how artificial grass can be to your advantage 0161 685 0071.