Here at Great Grass, we think one of the most important things to promote is children’s development and healthy lifestyle. Childhood obesity is something that needs to be tackled, with three out of ten children classed as overweight. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get kids outside doing physical activities and games. However, as we live in the UK, the weather isn’t always on our side and it can be a challenge to put this into practice. Here are some other obstacles facing educational providers these days:

  • General lack of facilities and natural areas
  • Bare, muddy and rough natural surfaces
  • Messy environments, even dirtier uniforms and children due to the weather
  • Increased risk of accidents, injuries and more paperwork with H&S assessments
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Funding gaps regardless of OFSTEDs “Limited funds must not prevent progress” approach
  • Desire to achieve OFSTED’s outstanding rating

That’s why we’re proud to provide artificial grass for schools, nurseries and play areas making it easier for kids to get outside and get some healthy exercise; all year round. With our artificial grass, education providers can be proud of an outstanding, outdoor activity space with none of the hassle!

With our artificial grass, you can transform tarmacked or concrete spaces into fabulous grassy play areas in the blink of an eye. Along with our fantastic range of artificial grass that are perfectly suitable for educational environments, we have a range of products including shock absorbent pads, coloured artificial grass, which is great for sensory areas, and sports surfaces.

Playing outside was one of the best things about being in a kid so let’s encourage the kids of today to get more active! Contact us today to enquire about our long lasting artificial grass 0161 685 0071.