Oh, we’re certainly going to miss summer once it’s gone! We’ve had a lovely time sitting out in the sun, at least, which has reminded us of just how lovely it is to have soft grass to sit on – especially if you’re in the comfort of your own garden! Many people aren’t too keen on keeping their lawn worthy of a picnic in the sun, however, and we do have to admit it can be quite the task! If you’re interested in achieving the very same effect, only without the typical hassle, you’ll certainly be pleased to know that our artificial grass can provide the perfect solution!

Our 36mm Touch of Luxury is the absolute perfect product to utilise if you’re aiming to create the ultimate lawn, with our longest pile length ensuring that every blade will feel like a cushion against your hand! Pets and children alike will absolutely love the soft and natural feeling, and we can guarantee that they’ll hardly notice the difference between our product and the real thing.

On top of all of this, of course, you can expect the very same hard wearing and weather resistant qualities as any other product which we make. Enjoy the low maintenance involved with keeping our artificial grass pristine, and the free draining qualities which ensure that your grass will always stay dry even after the fiercest downpour. You won’t have to worry about its longevity, either, as even after the worst of the British climate has thrown itself at your lawn it’ll still remain bright and colourful.

We provide a ten year guarantee with our artificial grass, as we’re fully confident that it’s UV, water and flame resistant qualities will protect it from just about every hazard that you could imagine over the years. So why not consider investing in what we’ve got to offer?

If you’ve been looking for artificial grass suppliers able to give you that little bit of luxury for your garden or outdoor space, you’ve certainly found the right team for the job! We here at Great Grass pride ourselves on whatever we do or supply, ensuring top quality from our budget show garden grass to our most luxuriously soft lawns. Why not get in contact if you feel like you could benefit from our commercial artificial grass? We’d love to hear from you, and we’re more than happy to give any advice if you need it!

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