The Manchester Urban Gardening Festival ‘Dig the City’ is well underway now and if you’ve never been it’s a fantastic collection of shopping, show gardens, entertainment, kids’ activities and food and drink – all related to gardening!

One of the things we love about Dig the City is the creative, cool and inventive tips it provides for having a garden in the city. Most people assume because they live in the city centre, don’t have a large garden or live in a high rise flat, that they can’t have their own bit of land. But that’s simply not true! One way to solve the city centre gardening problem is by investing in some artificial grass.

By having your own little patch of artificial grass you can feel like you live in the ‘burbs without having to move away from all the amenities that the city centre has to offer. You don’t have to worry about watering your artificial grass lawn like you would natural grass, a great boon if you’ve converted your balcony into a little patch of greenery, especially if you have neighbours underneath.

You can also decorate your mini artificial grass garden with potted plants that don’t require a lot of sun, and since watering them is a breeze you’ll be living in a very low maintenance world.

There are a lot of handy hints and tips about creating your very own garden in the city at the Dig the City festival and it is running until the 10th August. Our team here at Great Grass are also full of great tips when it comes to artificial grass gardens. Start creating your city-centre Eden today!