Well that’s that then! We’re sure you were after a longer explanation than that of course, but we just wanted to stress that emphatically, yes, a thousand times yes: Great Grass artificial grass is suitable for children and pets.

How do we know? Well our artificial grass products have been thoroughly tested to UK & European standards for one, ensuring that all of our ranges pose no danger or harm to either children or pets. And what’s more; all of the Great Grass products have actually been designed with them in mind.

You know the old saying “never work with children or animals” because they can be unpredictable, unruly and just a little stubborn. With that in mind, you’d think children and pets would be a little cautious and a little fussy about our artificial grass – but nope! They love it. It’s probably because our artificial grass products look, feel and imitate natural grass almost identically. And the proof is in the pudding; our artificial grass products are used in hundreds of schools, play centres, catteries, kennels, doggy day cares and other areas throughout the UK – including Crufts!

Every single one of our ranges of artificial grass is suitable for pets, except our budget range, and all of our ranges are suitable for children. You can even order coloured artificial grass for a more visually stimulating effect and we also have shock absorbent pads that can be fitted underneath the artificial grass for added protection and safety in places such as playgrounds.

So that was the longer version of the answer to the question “Is Great Grass Artificial Grass suitable for children & pets?” The short answer is: Yes. Next question?