It’s St. Patrick’s Day! I don’t know about you, but this day always makes me think of a poem from when I was a kid. It goes like this…

“When I got on the school bus,

I was in for a surprise.

My friends all stared and pointed.

There was mischief in their eyes.

A kid who sat in front of me

reached out and pinched my knee.

My friends all started laughing,

but the joke was lost on me.

And then I got my second pinch.

I felt it on my ear.

And then I felt a third and fourth.

You guessed it–on my rear.

I asked, “Why are you pinching me?

I think it’s very mean!”

They said, “Today’s St. Patrick’s Day

and you’re not wearing green.””

Have you all remembered to wear green today? If not, you might be in for a pinch! Seeing as it is tradition to wear green on St. Paddy’s Day, we thought it would be appropriate to talk about a certain green product that we have here at Great Grass, that’s right you guessed it – artificial grass!

Artificial grass is your perfect green accessory, not just for St. Patrick’s Day, but for every day of the year. However, if you were planning on hosting your own St. Paddy’s Day or Irish themed festival then what better way to set the scene than with a glorious blanket of green? Just take care not to spill any Guinness on it! However, you all know with our artificial grass there’s ample drainage and any spillages can be cleaned up in a jiffy! Sorry, just had to get that in there. Anyway – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!