Sports surfaces have to be sturdy, hard wearing and resilient and able to withstand all kinds of conditions. Even though some arenas may be indoors they can still become affected by flooding, damp and severe cold and buckle under insurmountable amounts of pressure. If you are after a product which has been designed for longevity and durability, then there is no one more reputable and highly regarded than Great Grass. We supply high quality artificial grass for both commercial and personal use and are more than happy to customise or adjust any item so that it meets your exact stipulations. Our wonderful range of artificial grass is perfect for golfing, as it gives an accurate ball roll and constantly remains firm and unyielding so that everyone has a sporting chance.

It does not matter whether you are a seasoned professional or keen amateur, as we have something for everyone and have constructed artificial grass so that it can be modified and altered if there is something particular which you have in mind. We undertake all projects with a professional and pragmatic outlook and always make sure that each and every base is covered, as it is important that your individual needs are taken into careful consideration before we start to commence an assignment. Our team of specialists can create simple putting greens as well as full courses if you want the most authentic experience possible. Artificial grass can be made to measure and there are so many different types of lawn to choose from as our catalogue is extensive, broad reaching and incredibly diverse. You can even request samples of our supplies if you want to test out some of our products before making a final decision as artificial grass has to suit your personal preferences and you cannot just plump for the first item you come across.

Great Grass has a fantastic assortment of coloured artificial grass which is ideal if you want to build a Crazy Golf course for the kids as it will keep them entertained when they are out of school and; you never know; they could be the next Tiger Woods! If you have any questions or wish to place an order then please do not hesitate to contact us today.