With the days starting to get a little lighter and spring fast approaching, it’s time for homeowners across the country to start thinking about their gardens once again. Due to the festivities of the holiday season and the all-round abysmal weather, you’d be forgiven for pushing such thoughts to the back of your mind in recent weeks, however you should certainly start turning your mind back to your outdoor space once again.

It’s true that with a brand new year comes a plethora of fresh gardening trends for you to get your head around and to then put into practise. This means that you can either keep a keen eye out for what neighbours are doing, or you can simply read through our quick guide on the gardening trends expected this year.

It really is up to you, but we know which one we’d choose- so check out our quick tips below:

Natural Colours

If you want your garden to stand out and have your neighbours practically purring with jealousy, then you should opt for some natural shades throughout your landscape. Whether it’s incorporating some oak furniture, wooden birdhouses or a mixture of the two, it’s clear that rustic-looking, natural surfaces are going to be a big hit this year. You could even combine this with some modern materials too, which will create a beautifully mix-matched look.

Subtle Lighting

Have you ever been so proud of your outdoor space that you wished it could be seen even when the sun’s gone down? If that’s the case, then you should certainly consider the installation of some lighting in your garden, because this will obviously illuminate certain parts of your outdoor space to really allow you to show it off. This will make your garden the envy of the whole neighbourhood, as the eye will be immediately drawn to the best parts of the landscape.

Artificial Grass

And finally, no garden will be complete in 2017 without the installation of some of our top quality artificial grass. Due to the lack of maintenance, mud and the sheer durability of the surface, it’s no surprise that artificial turf is growing so quickly in terms of popularity- something that we’re sure will continue to rise as 2017 progresses. Because of its deep shades of green and attractive appearance, artificial grass is an absolute-must for any gardener this year.

Here at Great Grass, we are the leading providers of artificial grass in the UK, and we should be your number one choice in 2017!