It’s no secret that we here at Great Grass can help you create the perfect garden, especially as we’ve been supplying artificial grass to homeowners around the country for a while now! For many people, the virtually maintenance free aspect of having an artificial lawn is the biggest reason to invest, especially when you consider that summer’s drawing to a close and the rainy days are coming back in full force.

More and more, however, we’re seeing artificial grass come to the forefront of home design in other ways than the garden. A grass surface which stays bright and permanently trimmed all year round is incredibly appealing, after all, especially when you consider how closely we’ve managed to make our artificial grass match the real thing. Pets and children won’t even notice the difference, and neither will you!

One area in which commercial artificial grass is becoming particularly popular is out on the driveway, where it can be used with modern surfaces such as pattern imprinted concrete to create an incredibly clean and easy to maintain front for your property. Our artificial lawns never grow, so you won’t have to worry about keeping it neatly trimmed, and there’s absolutely no risk of mud getting onto the pattern imprinted concrete to leave messy looking patches or streaks of wet dirt when it rains. It’s a match made in heaven!

Great Grass are the UK’s number one artificial grass suppliers, specialising in delivering a wide selection of top quality artificial lawns alongside a dedication to customer service and a fantastic price you might find a little hard to believe! If you feel like our commercial artificial grass product is the perfect thing for you, why not get in contact as soon as you can? Our expert team will be able to give you any knowledge or advice you need, or answer any questions you might have! We hope to hear from you soon!