With artificial grass becoming a lot more popular, and more and more people opting to pick artificial grass it is important people know the do’s and don’ts to keep their grass looking great during all seasons and ensure it’s well maintained.

Before Installation

Before installation you need to ensure all weeds are dug out of the soil, as well as plants and any extra greenery. If these aren’t removed they can grow through the artificial grass and cause damage to the grass.

When it comes to small animals such as moles, voles or any other small animal liable to burrow, you need to ensure there is a system installed to keep these animals away before installing your grass. They can easily damage your artificial grass through their burrowing actions therefore it is important to ensure you have these checks in place before deciding to put in artificial grass.

You need to ensure all uneven areas are filled up, as well as any cavities and the ground is even. Therefore, making it secure to place artificial grass and make it a safe place for people to walk over.

Right After the Installation

Don’t walk over the grass for 24 hours after first being laid down, the grass must settle and the glue must harden. Walking on the grass before the glue has properly settled could cause the seams to start coming up and the overall presentation of your grass could be affected.

After Installation/How to Prevent Damage

As the summer months are quickly approaching, there is a high increase in the use of BBQ’s, you need to be careful when using sources of heat on the grass- to prevent the risk of melt spots.

Beware for windows or certain reflections constantly shining on the grass, as this could create the magnifying effect and create temperatures up to 75-80C causing a chance of the grass melting.

Be careful when moving furniture around your lawn, dragging furniture around can break the grass fibres and therefore damage the overall look of the lawn.

Artificial Grass is perfect for the summer months, and adds a great look to your garden. Great Grass are the best artificial grass installers, and will help you through what’s the best to do with your new grass and what isn’t.