The big seller when it comes to artificial grass is its low maintenance guarantee. There’s no watering, mowing or tending to dozens of weeds after you have artificial grass installed- however sometimes people confusing low maintenance with no maintenance and the team here at Great Grass have decided to make it clear that although installing an artificial turf will lower the amount of upkeep a lawn will need, it won’t completely eradicate it. Here are the few things that are involved in the maintenance of artificial grass..

  • When artificial grass has been newly laid, sand is infilled and overtime will slowly structure the turf. To ensure that the grass in the best condition possible when it finally settles, homeowners should tend to it regularly for the first 8 weeks by lightly brushing the surface. You shouldn’t brush too forcefully as this may misshape your turf however. After the initial 8 weeks, brushing is only required once a month on average to spruce up the appearance. Ensure that you brush in several different directions to achieve a bouncy finish.
  • Although tending to weeds is logically a thing of the past with artificial grass, sometimes they sneakily poke through the membrane that allows water to run into the round. Unlike natural grass, you can’t just dig through the ground to remove the roots so you either have to remove the visible part every time they show or used a water based weed killer.

Now you’re up to date on all the key parts of artificial grass maintenance, get in contact with a member of the Great Grass team today to find out more information!