Creating an Excellent Exhibit

Our 20mm Show Garden artificial grass is the very best turf to get your hands on if you’re in the market for something ideal for putting in a display. We’ve mentioned it many times before, for certain, but it’s certainly a product that deserves all the time in the spotlight that it receives – and it’s certainly one of our most popular picks!

It’s truly the perfect product for anyone that’s looking to feature artificial grass in an area where it’s likely to be moved, touched, handled or otherwise interacted with, as it’s an incredibly hard wearing turf that at the same time makes no compromise with regards to how great it looks. Whether you’re looking to set up a stand at an exhibit, a display in a shop window or a soft artificial grass surface for an outdoor event, this 20mm Show Garden artificial grass is guaranteed to perform even on the busiest days.

So what’s the secret behind its success? Well, there’s really no big secret to begin with! Featuring every aspect of the same innovative design that makes our entire range of artificial grass so popular and undeniably high quality, our 20mm Show Garden artificial grass is as hard wearing as you could ever want it to be without losing out on that authentic, natural look that we’re known for. If you need the perfect artificial turf for an exhibition, outdoor display or just to show off in the home, make sure you don’t wait to let us know all about it!

When it comes to providing commercial artificial grass that’s the best on the market, there really is nowhere like Great Grass to guarantee you all that you need and more. We have a long list of very happy and satisfied customers, so why not add yourself to it by investing in our 20mm Show Garden artificial grass or any of the other incredible products we have to offer. Get in contact as soon as you can.