If you have a minute, we’d like to discuss one of our most popular types of artificial grass; 30mm Lush Green Artificial Grass.

This type of artificial grass gives the appearance of an award winning lawn due to the vibrancy of each synthetic strand. It has the appearance of a natural lawn that has been tenderly cared for day in and day out by an experience gardener, who has gone through tons of fertiliser and has a full array of gardening tools. But shhh, none of that has gone into the Lush Green Artificial Grass.

People have said that this type of artificial grass could be compared to that of Wembley football ground’s turf. Hey, who are we to argue?

If you’d like to create your own mini Wembley in your own garden, then Lush Green Artificial Grass is the product for you. You can even use it on balconies or to cover decking areas.

In fact, this type of artificial grass is incredibly versatile and can be used in a range of applications including, play areas, nurseries, schools, indoor areas such as offices, exhibitions and events. Because the artificial grass is fully porous, easy to clean and extremely well made, it is brilliant for pets, children and the whole family.

  • Excellently manufactured synthetic grass
  • A strong latex backing; pre-punched for effective drainage
  • Available in roll width 2m and 4m up to 25m in length
  • Dog friendly artificial grass – can be easily hosed down
  • 10 year guarantee for surface wear
  • Installation guide available.

The Lush Green Artificial Grass is one of the thickest, densest and longest types we stock and consists of three shades of vibrant green strands. Also in the mix are four green curled strands to make it look not too ‘done.’ The structure of the artificial grass replicated the look and feel of an ever so slightly grown, but carefully maintained natural lawn.

For more information on our Lush Green Artificial grass, or to enquire about any other of our artificial grass products, please get in touch!