Looking after your garden can be hard work at the best of times, but if you have arthritis, it can become extremely difficult. However, Arthritis Research UK has put together a helpful guide that contains useful tips on how to overcome difficulties associated with arthritis when tending to your garden. It’s a great thing because nobody should have to give up something they enjoy because of something that is out of their control.

The guide offers tips to make gardening that bit easier and suggests things like changing the layout of your garden so beds and plants are easier to access, choosing plants that are easy to care for, getting the right tools that adapt easily and changing the way you do your gardening, for example from a garden stool or by sitting down on the grass. But we have another suggestion that we think is worth a try; artificial grass. We’ve been suppliers of artificial grass for many years and we’ve seen how it can be a big help for those with arthritis.

Now artificial grass is a great idea for those suffering from arthritis because it needs no maintenance. Once the artificial grass is installed, it can be left to its own devices. Because artificial grass doesn’t grow, there’s no need for mowing, weeding or trimming, exercises that can be quite tiring if you have arthritis and can sometimes be impossible!

Replacing your natural lawn with artificial grass means you have more free time to do the fun bit of gardening; sowing seeds, planting bulbs and preening plants to name a few. And just because you replace your lawn with artificial grass, it doesn’t mean you can’t grow what you did before. The artificial grass can be installed around your beds so your flowers will still be in full bloom.

Arthritis can be a frustrating condition to suffer from as you may feel completely healthy in yourself but are limited in what you can do. That’s why advice like this from Arthritis Research UK is a massive help, and means you don’t have to give up your hobby. If you’d like to find out more information on how artificial grass can help you, contact us today and click here for the gardening and arthritis guide.